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Only a few days ago Joe Morgan  was diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 bowel cancer which has sadly spread to his liver and lungs. He will start treatment in the middle of April and this may involve travelling to hospitals outside of his home town to ensure he gets the best possible treatment available.


Joe is only 29 and lives with his heavily pregnant partner and their 11yr old son and 1yr old daughter. Their new baby boy is due at the start of June. We along with Joe’s close friend Lewis Davis, are aiming to raise as much money as possible to relieve the financial worries of an already extremely stressful time.


The money raised will help support the family on a day to day basis as Joe is now off work for the forseeable future. It will also go towards the many travel expenses they have to come for Joe’s treatment, some of which may include going as far as London on a regular basis.


There are going to be lots of events held over the coming months to  help raise funds, but we want to give him a start by using Justgiving. 


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Niki's family got in touch with us to see if we could help raise funds. We are going to help by promoting Niki's cause.


Niki is 41 and lives in Chester with her 2 boys. She is also an amazing mum to two sons aged 14 and 12. She is currently being treated in Istanbul,Turkey for stage 4 cervical cancer which was not diagnosed by the NHS until they said it was too late to treat her. They have spent over £80k themselves as a family getting private treatment in Northumberland and Istanbul where the success rate of people receiving the all clear from stage 4 cancers is exceptionally high.


Before her cancer was diagnosed Niki was advised that the excruciating pain she was experiencing was healing from a previous operation. It was only when she was admitted to intensive care with sepsis due to an abscess on her cervix that the cancer was diagnosed as stage 2 and after 7 weeks in intensive care it had progressed to stage 4 at which point the NHS advised Niki that they would be unable to treat her as it was too advanced. Niki had been having yearly cervical smear tests and nothing was detected. 


The treatment in Turkey is going well and Niki can feel that the tumour which was visible in her abdomen is now greatly reduced. She had a Pet CT scan to check treatment response at the end of October. She now needs further maintenance treatment in Turkey at a cost of £10k per trip. 


Niki recently told family and friends that they have big “decisions” to make as the money is running out and she may not be able to continue with her life saving treatment. 


We feel this is not an option, the boys need their Mum and she deserves the chance to watch them grow into men and have their own families.


Please give what you can, every penny counts towards Niki continuing her lifesaving treatment. And share share share.... Thank you from the bottom of Polly's Angels hearts and The Hitchens

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